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Yemen Islands:-
With their own distinctive climatic, environmental, geographical and natural characteristics, these islands are scattered in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. Most  of them are  situated in the Red Sea parallel to the coastal land. Kamaran is considered the major island with the highest population. It is located close to the strait of Bab al-Mandab, thus  it is of strategic importance. Kamaran has few land animals. Mayoon (Perim) Island, is also located in the strait of Bab al-Man dab, and has strategic importance. The islands in the Arabian Sea are situated more closely. Socatra is the biggest; it is famous for its unique trees which are significant for their medical and economic values. A number of other  small islands are found close to Socatra, among them is Abdul-Kori island, and al-Akhaween (Samha And Darsa) Island are considered the major ones.
Socatra:- in Arab Sea
Socatra in one of Yemen's largest islands, with as area of 3650km. it's also the country's most interesting isle. Lying about 510km. southeast of the mainland, the island has developed in near total isolation from the rest of the country. This accounts for the extraordinary fauna and particularly flora found on the island. The island has also developed its own culture and dialects (Socatra & Mahra).

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Kamaran:- in Red Sea
Correctly named as such, this is the biggest Yemeni island in the archipelago stretched within the Red Sea. It is extending eleven miles long and 4.5 wide with the adjacent province of Al-Saleif Port of Al-Hodeidah. It was first mentioned in the history of world ports in 525 A.D.

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